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Unexpected Rewards
by Jane McGarry

Olivia Davenport is looking forward to her future. After all, Prince Liam has professed his love and King William has promised her a reward for her role on a recent mission. She fully expects to continue her knightly training while enjoying a blossoming romance with her Prince. The King, however, has other ideas, appointing her as a lady-iUnexpected Rewards_200x300n-waiting to Queen Helen.
Thrust into unfamiliar territory and left to fend against the malicious women of court, Olivia feels awkward and confused. With the help of her new friend, Kat, and her sister, Anne, she tries to find her footing among the courtiers, their protocol, and the added complication of Jocelyn Crawford, a lady who has her eyes set on becoming Liam’s bride.
When, a disturbing prophecy puts the safety of the King in question, fear spreads through kingdom. Intrigue abounds at the palace with an enigmatic witch and a strict Friar at the center of the controversy. Olivia must use her training and instincts to unravel what is truly going on in order to protect the King. Through it all, she questions if she will ever be able to fit into Liam’s life and if, in the end, their love can prevail.

About the Author:
Reading was always a big part of Jane’s life. Over the years, creating stories developed out of this love. Finally, she decided to try her hand at writing a novel and that was when Not Every Girl was conceived.
She lives in New Jersey in a house full of boys, including one over-indulged cat. When she is not running around with her family or writing, she can be found curled up with said cat and a good book.
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“Excuse me, Sir Davenport, Lady Davenport,” says a voice, and suddenly Liam stands beside us. “But I would very much like to have a dance with your daughter.”
“Of course, Your Highness,” Mother replies in awe, dipping into a curtsey.
My acknowledgement is a much stiffer bow of the head. The moments with my family had briefly smothered my worry, but now it hurtles back full force. He takes my hand and I follow him onto the floor, silently praying my knees don’t give out from the terror that rises in me like the tide. One hand fits on the small of my back, the other grasps mine. His palms are uncharacteristically sweaty.
Something is definitely wrong.
I look into his beautiful, blue eyes. They swim with misery. Now that I am going to find out the reason, I am not sure I want to anymore.
He clears his throat. “I didn’t want to have to tell you in public, but I can’t let the night pass and deceive you.”
Not good.
At my silence, he continues, “Somehow Jocelyn has influenced my father. He wants me to court her, to give her a fair chance, because he considers her a more suitable match.”
There she sits now, right next to King William, her usual smug expression in place. Our monarch absently surveys the room. The monarch I saved—who praised me for it—stabs me in the back without a second thought. I should have left him to die in that escape tunnel.
“And what do you think of that?” I ask pointedly.
“Naturally, I protested…abundantly, but…” He stops, won’t meet my eyes.
But? But cannot be good. But can only be disastrous.
I stop moving and we stand looking at each other like mannequins while
couples rotate around us.
“But what?” I whisper, the cacophony of music and chatter turning into an otherworldly buzz while my senses brace for the impact of his answer.
“But…my father told me if I did not give Jocelyn a fair chance, he would not only send you from the palace, but ship you down to Prescott and arrange a marriage for you there. I don’t
know what to do, Olivia. I don’t know how to fix this.”
A barrage of thoughts leap to mind, none of them in any way accepting of this information. Send me away? Ship me to Prescott? As if I were livestock? And arrange a marriage? So many protests, I hardly know where to begin.
The music ends and couples saunter off the floor. Liam and I stand alone in the center.
Eyes will be upon us soon if we remain here like statues.
With every ounce of composure I can muster, I curtsey and hear my voice say, “Thank you for the dance, Your Highness. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.”
Then, I walk away.

New Release: Bethany Swafford “A Chaotic Courtship”

A Chaotic Courtship
by Bethany Swafford

Twenty year old Diana Forester, a country bred young woman fears that her inexperience and uncertainties has driven Mr. John Richfield away. On arriving back home from London, she learns that he is already there, ready bethany coverto continue their acquaintance. If Diana thought that it was difficult in London, courting takes on a whole new aspect when Diana’s younger siblings become involved. She finds herself dealing with her own feelings, her sister, her younger brother, jealous members of a house party, a jilted suitor, and a highwayman as she falls in love with the charming Mr. Richfield.


Available on Amazon:

Author Bio:

For as long as she can remember, Bethany Swafford has loved reading books. That love of words extended to writing as she grew older and when it became more difficult to find a ‘clean’ book, she determined to write her own. Among her favorite authors is Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Georgette Heyer.bethany

When she doesn’t have pen to paper (or fingertips to laptop keyboard), she can generally be found with a book in hand. In her spare time, Bethany reviews books for a book site called More Than A Review.

Excerpt #1:

“You recall I met a Mr. Richfield in London, shortly after I first arrived?”

“Yes, you mentioned him several times in your letters.”

Her tone was matter of fact, giving absolutely nothing away.

“Well…” I hesitated as I sought the right words. I rubbed my palms against my skirt. “At Aunt Forester’s last dinner party, Mr. Richfield asked for my permission to come speak to Father.”

For a moment, there was silence. “What was your answer?” Mother asked, as calm as ever.

I bit my lip and found I could no longer meet her gaze. “I fear I may have spoken without thinking.” Back when I had said the words, I had been surprised. Now though, I realized just how mistaken I had been. “I said it’s always pleasant to have someone new visit.”

“I see. Do you like him?”

Ah, there was the question. “I think so.” I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “He is respectable, at least as far as Uncle Forester could discover. No one ever had a word to say against him. I think he is a good man.”

“And yet, you don’t seem enthusiastic about marrying him.”

“I have only known him for a few weeks.” It felt good to be able to talk this out with my mother, now that the awkwardness of saying the words had passed. If anyone could help me untangle my feelings, it was her. “Is that enough time to know a person? You knew Papa your whole life before he proposed.”

Mother’s hand came over mine. “Diana, look at me.” I lifted my eyes to hers. “You are the only one who can make this decision. It is your right to refuse an offer you find distasteful. However, you need to understand it is not likely you will have the opportunity to travel again and meet other people.”

“I don’t find the offer distasteful. I just don’t think I know him well enough to accept his hand in marriage.” I sighed. “I wish I had had the time to know more of him.”

“Perhaps you will.”

I shook my head. That seemed an impossibility. “Mama, you didn’t see the look on his face when I pretended I didn’t understand. He was so disappointed. I acted as if I were a senseless, empty-headed child! What kind of man would pursue me in the face of that?”

“A man who would be understanding. Someone who would realize your shy nature.”

As soon as I pulled my hand away, I reached to pour myself some much-needed tea. “There are other, much prettier girls with better dowries than I,” I remarked, adding just the right amount of cream and sugar. “I doubt I will ever see him again.”

Of that I was quite certain. I’d had hours to consider the whole mess. I sipped my tea as I watched my mother’s face. Her smile was one I couldn’t quite understand. Why did she look so amused?

“Mr. Richfield is already here.”



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She had more than just her mission… Dolphin Shore Shifters by @CJMatthews #Bookprome

5 book_FBBannerBLOODTIDE
Dolphin Shore Shifters Book 1
The Santa Barbara Channel holds a closely guarded secret…

She had more than just her mission…

CJMatthew_BloodTide_900Sy’s rotation on land as a dolphin shifter couldn’t have come at a better time. With her best friend missing and no answers forthcoming, it was time to take matters into her own hands. And with the resources at the Save Blue Water organization, finding her friend would be a whole lot easier. Except…something sinister is going on inside SBW, something deadly, and Sy finds herself at the center of danger.

The last thing he needed was bullets and bombs…

Noah Nelson spent every minute trying to forget the war while fighting his PTSD, but jumping in front of a bullet was second nature. It had nothing to do with the fact the target was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Or that she was naked. But suddenly he’s caught up in her world, protecting her from unforeseen threats, and falling in love … but Sy’s got a secret that may rip them apart. Forever.

About the Author:

CJ Matthew grew up in an Air Force family traveling and living all over the US and around the world. It proved to be the perfect experience for gathering ideas and material for future books. And for meeting real life CJ at Dellheroes and heroines in uniforms and flight-suits. She spent her high school and university years in California, which inspired her love of marine life, and the Pacific Ocean.

Toxic Tide
is the fifth book, so far, in her paranormal romantic suspense series: Dolphin Shore Shifters. The series features a pod of dolphins living in the
Santa Barbara channel off the coast of California, who are capable of shifting to human form. While posing as real humans, the dolphins work, through their oceanic conservation corporation, Save Blue Water, to protect their oceans at any cost.

CJ’s next series, The Paladin Group, launched with Deadly Reboot. The books are in the romantic suspense genre, set in a small southern
town, and starring wounded air force veterans, men and women warriors turned civilian attorneys and investigators determined to continue their rescue work.

The third series, titled The Colonel’s Daughters, is a quintet with each book featuring one of the five sister’s story. Born in different countries
around the world, when each of the daughters happens to return to her country of birth, she’s meets her true love and is forced to confront her destiny. Book 1, A Major Seduction is the oldest sister Kari’s book and takes place at an air force wedding in Tokyo.

A member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Georgia Romance Writers (GRW), and Kiss of Death, CJ lives and writes near a lake in the woods northeast of Atlanta. When she isn’t writing or reading romances, CJ spends time with her two grown children, their spouses, a brilliant grandson and a feisty cat named

Schedule permitting, CJ loves to travel, to discover new favorite places and to meet new friends in both the US and around the world.

Max flatly refuses to travel.

CJ Matthew and the Dolphin Shore Shifters paranormal romantic suspense series:

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The Dolphin Shore Shifters 5 book series on Amazon


Noah Nelson kept his Ford pickup truck just at the posted highway speed limit. Still, enough salty air whipped through the open window to toss around his
dark hair.

A loud thump shook the vehicle’s undercarriage. Shit, an IED. Instantly his body was covered in sweat. Out, out, out. He twisted the wheel, slammed on the brakes. Clear of the highway, the front tires sank into soft sand. The engine sputtered to death. Noah jerked the door handle and dove out of the truck.

For a few moments he lay panting in the sand, teeth gritted, heart racing. No explosion. He uncurled his arms covering his head. Not a roadside bomb. Noah flexed, then relaxed the muscles in his upper body. What the heck? He’d been home in Santa Barbara almost a year now and still overreacted to sudden noises. Precisely the reason he kept strictly to himself. Until tonight.

Slowly he cracked open one eyelid—just a slit. Hard to see in nothing but half-assed moonlight. His truck was no help. The dome light had never worked. He could hear the surf break on the shore below the bluff.

He raised his head to peer over the ridge to the beach below. The sliver of new moon reflected off the whitecaps. He gingerly sat up, propping his shoulder against the open truck door. As the breeze off the ocean lifted his thick hair around his face, he inhaled a lungful of the salt-heavy night air. The familiar aroma from the sea filled his nostrils and helped slow his breathing. A solitary seagull, wings spread, squawked from just overhead.

“Everybody’s a critic,” Noah whispered.

A strange shadow moved on the beach. Noah blinked and froze. A man? He shook his head and strained to see through the darkness. It was real. A male walked away from Noah’s current position toward the surf. His brain automatically clicked off data. About five feet nine inches, dressed in dark clothing. Moved like a civilian, with what appeared to be an athletic bag at his side.

Midnight swim? Real stupid to do alone. He waited to see when and if the man set down the bag. Noah scowled. Was solo swimmer wearing trunks under his clothes? Not looking forward to pulling some idiot skinny dipper out of the water if things go badly.

Close to the water’s edge, the male dropped the bag, unhooked his pants, and slid out of them, revealing the dark outline of surfer shorts. He toed off his shoes and folded his pants. Then he waded knee deep into the ocean, glancing sideways down the surf line. And waited.

What the devil?

The male bent forward, his back and shoulders blocking Noah’s view. Another shadow emerged from the surf. The guy was helping someone out of the water. Illegal alien swimming in from a boat? In Santa Barbara? The new arrival walked around surfer guy and then stopped.

“Fuck me,” Noah mouthed.

The curves on the second shape were unmistakable, and the scant light revealed lots of white skin. It was a woman, and she was naked. He slowly scanned her curves, biting back an appreciative whistle. She was one good incentive for him to consider getting out more.

The distinctive crack of a rifle shot reverberated through the night air. The back of the man’s head blew off.

Release Blitz: New Beginnings by Iris Blobel #ReleaseBlitz #Romance #amazon

 Title: New Beginnings
By: Iris Blobel
Publication Date: August 11, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: FortheMuse Design

The chance to start life all over with the help of a stranger.

Twenty-two-year-old Sophie Levesque has been guardian to her eight-year-old sister Mia since their mother’s death a few years ago, and it hasn’t been easy. Luck comes their way when they inherit a small house in Hobart. Problem is, though, they don’t know and have never heard of Clara Bellinger, the testator. Settling into their new life, Sophie is still afraid it’s all a mistake.

Mark O’Connor, attorney in Hobart and the bearer of the good news for Sophie and Mia, curses himself for the lack of information about the testator. However, researching the questions gives him an opportunity to see Sophie again, and the more time he spends with the two, the more he realises that his life is missing something. And it’s not his casual lover Linda.

But then there’s Zach, Sophie’s sexy neighbour from across the road… and a very good friend of Clara’s.

Will unravelling the mystery unravel Sophie and Mark’s promise of a future?

Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she met her husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only emerged recently, but now her laptop is a constant companion.Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her two beautiful daughters.

Next to her job at a private school, she also presents a German Program at the local Community Radio.

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Twitter – @_iris_b
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Blog –
Instagram – https:/
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As for me:

I’m currently reading: M.S. Kaye “Endless as the Rain”

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My book NEW BEGINNINGS was released last week.

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Snippet Sunday – NEW BEGINNINGS – 14/08/2016 #romance #love #dreamit

Thank you to all of you who have shared the news about the release of NEW BEGINNINGS last week. The book had a better start than I had hoped for. 

So here’s my last snippet before I will introduce another story next week. Again thanks … and enjoy 🙂


His remark irked her to the very core. Holding Mia even closer to her side, she lifted her finger and pointed at him. “No offence, Mr. O’Connor, but it has been quite a week for us as well, and I was prepared to answer all your questions. I have one simple question, and you don’t know the answer. Wouldn’t there be something in the file?”
Sophie considered herself a kind person. Kindness could’ve been her middle name, but she met his surprised frown dead-on.
He seemed taken aback by her words. “No offence taken.” And then let out a deep breath. “You’re right. I apologise. As I said, I’ll find out details and let you know.”
“Thank you, Mr. O’Connor,” she replied and then blew out a breath.
Tugging on Sophie’s shirt, Mia asked, “What about our stuff?”
Sophie shifted and looked down at her sister, but before she had a chance to say anything, Mr. O’Connor beat her to it.
“What stuff?” he asked as he opened the door.
“Considering what we inherited here, we brought all our things,” Sophie explained without looking at him.


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Finally! #Bookrelease Day for NEW BEGINNINGS – #Captivating #bookpromo #romance

~~  New Beginnings ~~
(2nd Edition)
by Iris Blobel

“captivating, with likable and believable characters.”

 Only $1.99


The chance to start life all over with the help from a stranger.

Twenty-two-year-old Sophie Levesque has been guardian to her eight-year-old sister Mia since their mother’s death a few years ago, and it hasn’t been easy. Luck comes their way when they inherit a small house in Hobart. Problem is, though, they don’t know and have never heard of Clara Bellinger, the testator. Settling into their new life, Sophie is still afraid it’s all a mistake.3D New Beginnings 2016

Mark O’Connor, attorney in Hobart and the bearer of the good news for Sophie and Mia, curses himself for the lack of information about the testator. However, researching the questions gives him an opportunity to see Sophie again, and the more time he spends with the two, the more he realises that his life is missing something. And it’s not his casual lover Linda.
But then there’s Zach, Sophie’s sexy neighbour from across the road… and a very good friend of Clara’s.
Will unravelling the mystery unravel Sophie and Mark’s promise of a future?
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Romance about rags to riches … “Her Latin Lover” by Simone Angela *out soon*

‘Her Latin Lover’ by Simone Angela is a contemporary romance, a rags to riches story about a woman who goes on an emotional journey of self-enlightenment and ends up finding herself… *Coming soon*

…And her Mr Right.

Excerpt: Her Latin Lover

Scarlet saw a woman enter, tall and slender with choppy auburn hair storm past him and straight over to her on the couch, pointing an accusatory finger at her. “You, Ms Scarlet Harris, NOT Scarlet Castle, have some explaining to do.”

Gabriel came over to the two women, his brow deeply furrowed, confusion on his face. “Cecelia, what are you going on about?”

Cecelia turned to face Gabriel and shook her head. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but this woman is an imposter. She’s not who she says she is. And she doesn’t work for Clandestine Magazine in any capacity whatsoever.

“She tried to con you,” Cecelia went on to say. “She just wanted to get all this dirt on you I bet. I mean why else would she go to such extremes to fool you? And boy oh boy did she have you fooled.”

Panic swum in Scarlet’s eyes. Her heart hammered in her chest.

Gabriel stared at Scarlet, alarm etched on his face and a disturbed look in his eyes. “What is she talking about Scarlet? Tell her none of what she says is true. Tell her she’s confused you with someone else.”

Her heart now plummeted to her stomach. The confrontation scene had arrived. For a moment she couldn’t say anything.

“Go on,” Gabriel urged. “Tell her she’s mistaken.”

Scarlet felt the blood draining from her face. Her hands gripped the edge of the sofa and she held her breath, fear rippling through her. “She–she’s right. Everything she says is true.”

Author Bio:

Simone Angela always had her head in the clouds as a girl growing up – some would even say that hasn’t changed! She’s also always been a romantic, and knew from an early age creative writing was her passion and that she wanted to be a writer. She loves everything about love and writing so naturally enough romance had to be her writing genre.

But Simone also loves writing about sex and does so under her pen name of Kariss Stone. She thinks there’s something magical about the amazing sexual chemistry that can exist between a man and a woman, and wants to capture that in her erotica stories under her pen name of Kariss Stone. Her first self published work, an erotica short story, is called ‘Lust to the Night’, available on Amazon:

One hot wild ride…One exciting night…

Simone is also one of the authors in the Bindarra Creek sweet romance series. Her book is number 11 and is titled ‘The Ghost of his Past’ under her pen name of Simone Angela, also available on Amazon. Writing about her tragic hero in this story was the most rewarding experience for her.

When you’re haunted by a dark past, can you ever find the light?

Simone likes writing contemporary romance stories as well and with ‘The Ghost of his Past’, Simone realised she’s drawn to the troubled hero, the hero who hasn’t found peace and suffers with emotional demons.

Simone lives on the Central Coast of NSW with her beautiful man and their cheeky cat Flopsy. When she’s not writing herself, she loves immersing herself in romance books, and naturally enough is addicted to any romance reality show on TV!

To find out more about Simone and her books, check out her websites:

Kariss Stone’s website is

Simone Angela’s website is

#MFRWHooks for **LITTLE BEGINNINGS** 10/08/2016 #bookpromo #amreading #MFRWAuthor

I hope you get hooked by this Snippet 
Today’s hook

3D-Little Beginnings There was a long pause. “That’s him,” Olivia whispered. “I haven’t caught up to him, yet, but I still believe he’s got a solid reason.”
And suddenly, Jeri was very much interested in that reason. “Honey, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Gone was the smile on her face. The smile he’d been responsible for putting there.
Mr. Sex-on-legs could stick his magic wand up his backside.


A blind date that doesn’t happen might lead to love.
After her divorce, Jeri Belmont moved to Hobart and now runs a successful art gallery. When her niece sets her up with a neighbour, Jeri expects a blind date like all the others. But she never expected her date wouldn’t even sow up because of
her age. Despite feeling unjustly judged, when she unexpectedly runs into him
again, she finds it hard to ignore Ely’s charm.
Ely Lennox knows he shouldn’t have skipped the blind date because of the lady’s
age. After all, it had only been a date, not a lifetime commitment. When his carpentry business takes him right to the woman he bailed out on, his guilt
turns into regret when he finds out she’s everything a man could hope for. How
can he convince Jeri he made a big mistake?
Will she forgive him? Or is she hiding behind something else?


Little Beginnings by Iris Blobel is a wonderful love story about a 38 year old woman who learns to trust a man again, and who comes to realise that there is no obstacle two people in love can’t overcome. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters who were a memorable addition to the story, and I loved the humourous dialogue, the story’s emotional depth, and the engaging plot. This is a character driven story which I loved from beginning to end and I’m sure you will too!