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I hope you get hooked by this Snippet 
Today’s hook

This time, a small smile spread across her face, and it was the 3D-Little Beginningsreal thing, and
everything inside him reacted. Without waiting for a verbal reply, he turned and headed towards his car. He thought about Jeri. Everything about her was so confusing. She’d come across determined and headstrong when they’d discussed the shelving in that backroom, yet always wary and rarely giving him a smile. Then there was the magic she’d asked for, her comment about it not hurting to dream had thrown him a bit. But what was it with the tears? He was interested to know, mainly because he was a curious guy by nature, but also because it didn’t fit into her character — as far as he was concerned anyway.

A blind date that doesn’t happen might lead to love.
After her divorce, Jeri Belmont moved to Hobart and now runs a successful art gallery. When her niece sets her up with a neighbour, Jeri expects a blind date like all the others. But she never expected her date wouldn’t even sow up because of
her age. Despite feeling unjustly judged, when she unexpectedly runs into him
again, she finds it hard to ignore Ely’s charm.
Ely Lennox knows he shouldn’t have skipped the blind date because of the lady’s
age. After all, it had only been a date, not a lifetime commitment. When his carpentry business takes him right to the woman he bailed out on, his guilt
turns into regret when he finds out she’s everything a man could hope for. How
can he convince Jeri he made a big mistake?
Will she forgive him? Or is she hiding behind something else?


Little Beginnings by Iris Blobel is a wonderful love story about a 38 year old woman who learns to trust a man again, and who comes to realise that there is no obstacle two people in love can’t overcome. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters who were a memorable addition to the story, and I loved the humourous dialogue, the story’s emotional depth, and the engaging plot. This is a character driven story which I loved from beginning to end and I’m sure you will too!

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