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I’d like to introduce you to one of my earlier books. I received my rights back after three wonderful years with a publisher, and it’s now time to fly solo. The book will be out late July. If you’re interested in helping spreading the word, please let me know. I’d appreciate it.
The story is set in Hobart, Tasmania, where Sophie and Mia have inherited a house – from a stranger.

“I believe she was a distant relative of yours. I’m afraid I don’t have any further details.”
Sophie arched an eyebrow in disbelief, doubting the accuracy of it all. Not only did she try not to question his competence as a lawyer, but she also hoped it wasn’t a dreadful misunderstanding.
With a slight shrug of her shoulder, she asked, “Why not?”
He met her gaze steadily. “Pardon me?”
Sitting up straight, she repeated, “Why not? Why aren’t there any further details?”
He rubbed his chin with his fingers, his unease now obvious, and although she almost felt sorry for him, she tried not to care. She needed to know more. And not just the what, but why and who as well.

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25 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – NEW BEGINNINGS – 10/07/2016 #romance #reading #bookpromo”

    1. Thank you so much for helping out. Will contact you with the details soon.
      And yes, who knows what an inheritance could include nowadays. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Again … you’re thinking along the same line as the story 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Gem 🙂

  1. Hmm… I think I’d want to know more, too. It’s all quite curious, if not a little fishy and suspicious. His unease over her question raises a red flag in my head. I think I’d be hesitant to just take it at face value without asking. Then again, as P.T. said… Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  2. Even the lawyer is acting suspiciously about this very suspicious bequest. I can’t help but wonder if she’d be better off turning down this inheritance.

  3. I think I remember this story. It’s pretty weird that he doesn’t have much information. Let me know what you need for the release, I’ll be happy to help.

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