Snippet Sunday – NEW BEGINNINGS – 14/08/2016 #romance #love #dreamit

Thank you to all of you who have shared the news about the release of NEW BEGINNINGS last week. The book had a better start than I had hoped for. 

So here’s my last snippet before I will introduce another story next week. Again thanks … and enjoy 🙂


His remark irked her to the very core. Holding Mia even closer to her side, she lifted her finger and pointed at him. “No offence, Mr. O’Connor, but it has been quite a week for us as well, and I was prepared to answer all your questions. I have one simple question, and you don’t know the answer. Wouldn’t there be something in the file?”
Sophie considered herself a kind person. Kindness could’ve been her middle name, but she met his surprised frown dead-on.
He seemed taken aback by her words. “No offence taken.” And then let out a deep breath. “You’re right. I apologise. As I said, I’ll find out details and let you know.”
“Thank you, Mr. O’Connor,” she replied and then blew out a breath.
Tugging on Sophie’s shirt, Mia asked, “What about our stuff?”
Sophie shifted and looked down at her sister, but before she had a chance to say anything, Mr. O’Connor beat her to it.
“What stuff?” he asked as he opened the door.
“Considering what we inherited here, we brought all our things,” Sophie explained without looking at him.


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24 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – NEW BEGINNINGS – 14/08/2016 #romance #love #dreamit”

  1. Whatever the relatonship was, Sophie figures they inherited it and she is not going to give it up.

  2. Uh oh, does that mean they don’t have a place to stay for the moment now? I’m surprised they did bring everything with them though when she seemed so suspicious about the inheritance in the first place.

    Congrats on the success!

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