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I’ll continue today with a snippet from ECHOES OF THE PAST, Book 1 in the Fermosa Bay Series. Today’s snippet is from Emily’s POV. ENJOY ♥


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Today’s Snippet

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“Excellent. Sam is looking forward to it.”

“So am I.”

Emily hung up with a smile on her lips. She loved little Samuel and wouldn’t miss the concert for anything in the world. Especially considering she’d spent days finding him a red outfit for the occasion. She leaned back into the sofa thinking about Ethan and his son. They all helped raise Ethan’s boy. She and Niall did a lot of babysitting or took him on little weekend trips. Jack, though, had contributed the most by pushing Ethan through university and giving him a job in his company.

Jack Delaney had looked after all of them; he was like a grandfather to Sam, and the boy loved him.

Emily stood, grabbed her plate, and went into the kitchen to dispose of her dinner.

Twenty years. She’d had waited over twenty years to see Connor again, but their reunion hadn’t been anything close to what she’d expected. Of course, she was aware it’d been twenty years since they’d last seen each other, and, of course, she was aware that people changed. But the change in Connor surprised her. It was as if he was someone completely different, twenty years or not.

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16 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday & #WeWriWa “He was like a grandfather to Sam” #8sunday #indieauthor #amreading”

  1. This makes me want to know more about what happened to him over the past twenty years. So much can happen to change a person. Enjoyed the excerpt!

  2. When I think what was going on in my life in 2013–Wow. Big changes in all aspects of life. Why would she think things would just stand still for Connor? And are these changes for better or for worse? Intriguing snippet! Tweeted.

    1. Thank you so much Jenna. Yes, thinking back to 2003 … I had two little babies, who shaped me over the last 20 years!

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