Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 21/08/2016 #romance #love #snippetSunday

Righteo … let’s start with something new.

This story is still a WIP, so critique away. It’s set partly in Melbourne, Australia, and in New Zealand.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


When Tiffany Brooks opened the door and lay eyes on the police officers, memories of the horrid day came back to her when she’d been dragged to the police station the previous year. Everything inside her tensed as she checked the lever for the screen door to make sure it was locked. Her palms moist, she rubbed them against her pants.
“Miss Brooks?” the male police officer asked.
Scared she wasn’t able to find her voice, she bit her lip and simply nodded.
“Miss Tiffany Brooks?” the female officer asked.
She nodded again.
Tiffany wasn’t able to read the expression on either of the police officers’ faces. It worried her.
“I’m Senior Constable Jones. This is Sergeant Harris.” She paused for a moment. “We would like to ask you a couple of questions in regard to Thomas Terrill.”

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21 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 21/08/2016 #romance #love #snippetSunday”

    1. you’re right … it never is. Thanks for stopping by – Hoping you’ll read along as the story progresses to pick up possible mistakes re NZ 🙂

  1. Very intense scene! Since you asked for critiques, I kind of felt as if she would ask them why they were there as soon as she saw them, but if she didn’t trust her voice, that makes sense. Looking forward to reading more of this!

  2. Ooooh shit… Tense snippet. I love how she checks to see if the door is locked and I wonder what circumstance had her dragged to the police station a year ago, and why they’re there now. Who’s this Thomas? Lots of mystery and intrigue. Nicely done.

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