Snippet Sunday – NEW BEGINNINGS – 24/07/2016 #romance #reading #bookpromo

I’m continuing with one of my earlier books. I received my rights back after three wonderful years with a publisher, and it’s now time to fly solo.

The release day is on the 11 August  ~ MARK IT IN YOUR CALENDAR ~  and it now has a cover as well. I love it.

The story is set in Hobart, Tasmania, where Sophie and Mia have inherited a house – from a stranger.


Sophie drew in her lips, as her gaze drifted past him to the window. She took a few deep breaths, inwardly calming herself. Nothing had ever been easy in her life.
“Why isn’t the partner here?”
As she pondered on his reply for a moment, she began to imagine what life could be like with this inheritance.
Different. And better.
Another sigh escaped as she returned her gaze to the man behind the desk. “You can’t leave your assets to just anybody, can you?”
“Miss Lever—”
“Levesque,” she helped him.
Their eyes met.
“Are you refusing the bequest?” he asked hesitantly, and she clearly noticed how one of his eyebrows arched upward.
Staring blankly with her mouth open, panic rushed through her veins with every thump of her erratic heartbeat. An uncomfortable silence fell over them before she spoke with a rushed voice, “No. No, of course not. We’re accepting.”


If you’re interested in an ARC of the book click here.

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30 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – NEW BEGINNINGS – 24/07/2016 #romance #reading #bookpromo”

  1. I think my curiosity would get the better of me and I’d accept just for that reason. Good snippet, Iris. 🙂

  2. Her answer held all of her hesitation, doubt, and desperation. I’m looking forward to reading the whole story. 🙂

  3. I have to agree, I would accept out of curiosity as well, though I might be wary also. They do say curiosity killed the cat for a reason… I wonder if she’s going to regret this acceptance decision. But I also can’t help but notice she never got her answer of why it was left to them, total strangers as she knows.

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