Snippet Sunday – INNOCENT TEARS – 29/05/2016 #romance #reading #bookpromo

INNOCENT TEARS has been re-released.
It has enjoyed another full edit and an awesome new cover.
Here’s another little snippet.
Advice is what we ask for when we already 
know the answer, but wish we didn’t.”

Emma rubbed her temple as her eyes darted around the foyer of the hotel, not liking the phone call she was having. “Mrs. Gibbs, I honestly do understand the predicament you’re in, but I’m not sure whether I’m the right person–”
“Darling, I have already talked to Mr. Morgan and he’s more than happy to grant you the extra one-and-a-half hour lunch break. I’ll pay you separately as well.”
“Ma’am, it’s not the money–”
Mrs. Gibbs let out a heavy sigh. “Emma, this is an unusual situation and I understand that, but so it is for everybody involved. Not sure what she sees in you–”
Emma was slightly offended by this and was about to hang up the phone, but
somehow had a gut feeling it would come back to haunt her. Mrs. Gibbs was one of those people who took, and that was how they survived. So she didn’t hang up, but listened.
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23 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – INNOCENT TEARS – 29/05/2016 #romance #reading #bookpromo”

  1. At some point she needs to kindly but firmly say no, especially with the insults piled on. Great snippet, Iris. 🙂

    1. Not only patient, she’s thinking of the small girl as well …. Thanks Elizabeth for stopping by.

    1. Yeah … LOL … it’s hard sometimes when you only get a few sentences to read. Glad you like it, LInda.

  2. Nope, I would have hung up at that insult. Or I would have let her have a piece of my mind. I am not one for patience, but I like that she knows how to handle Mrs. Gibbs, that means she’s smart but I hope she doesn’t let it get under her skin. I wonder what she really wants Emma for though.

  3. Stuck talking to a person you’re not sure you can afford to offend. Been there. This dialogue was spot on.

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