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Hi everyone – Unfortunately, I’m not as well organised as I’d like to be, so belatedly today’s hook is from my most recent release “Bigalow”.

Enjoy ♥♥

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This week’s Hook …

Please read the first chapter of Bigalow here


He came out of nowhere … encouraging her to ask the right questions.

Hannah believes her life in solitude is all she wants and all she needs. She’s settled in the small town of Fermosa Bay where she’s taken over a medical practice after leaving her husband. When the enigmatic Bigalow steps into her life, turning it upside-down, she can’t hide the growing irritation inside. Yet, slowly and steadily, he reminds her what life is all about and what she’s missing out on. Especially when she crosses paths with her neighbour, Gideon.

As she begins to ask the right questions, Hannah’s fondness for Bigalow gently grows, and so do her feelings for Gideon. But is she ready to hear the answers to her questions?

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