#NewRelease “Journey to Her Dreams” by #IrisBlobel


There must be a reason for her dreams…

Hollie Anderson, a young woman living in Tasmania, is content with life, even more so since she has met Jeremy. However, she has been having a recurrent dream that impacts her daily life, as well as her relationship, a dream that eventually takes her on a journey to Ireland.

Samantha Shaughnessy enjoys the success as Head of Advertising for a popular magazine in the Irish capital Dublin. Married to Padraic, she thinks she loves her husband, but when she meets Hollie under unusual circumstances, she needs to face the truth–and not just about her marriage.

When both women meet and find they share an unexpected tie to the past, will they finally be able to move on into relationships with the men they love? 

This is a fully revised and edited second edition of



And the readers have loved the story.


Trying to help the woman, Hollie Anderson reached out to her,but in vain. Instead, she woke with a start, sweat covering her body. Sitting up in her bed, Hollie rubbed the fright and sleep out of her eyes while exhaling along breath willing her rapid heartbeat to settle. Her chest ached, as if someone had pushed her down and placed a great amount of weight on it. Leaning back into her pillow, she closed her eyes. Why did she keep dreaming of this woman,and who was she? The frequency of the dreams was beginning to take a toll on her and affecting her life.

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