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Today’s Hook:

The GPS voice in Matiu Apanui’s car had as little of a clue as he did about the directions to get to his meeting place, and after half an hour, he was still on the western side of Melbourne instead of in the city. The reason for it was Tiffany, who was on the threshold of his thoughts. He replayed the phone conversation over and over in his head. It was clear something must’ve upset her. Even though she’d relaxed during their short conversation, he’d been able to sense her tension.
“Shit,” he shouted as he pressed the speed dial button on his phone, remembering he’d never left a note for his friend.
“Mate, where are you?” Steve asked, by way of answering.
“I have no idea. Near a big park. Looks pretty with the trees alongside the walking tracks. Had no idea Melbourne had all these deciduous trees—”
“The lovely GPS lady took me on a sightseeing tour first it seems. I’m considering stopping for a coffee and to reboot her at the same time.”
“And you called me to tell me that?”
Mat noticed the frustration in his friend’s voice and asked bluntly, “Tell me about your girlfriend.”
There was a brief silence, before Steve asked, “You want to talk about Jess?”
Mat’s laughter echoed in the small car as he turned off the engine and got out. With a few long strides, he headed towards the café. “I thought Jess is more than your girlfriend. I’m talking about Tiffany.”

Pikorua, the Maori name for the symbol, is a twist that is said to symbolise the strength of the bond between two people. Mat is certain there is something between Tiffany and him.

When Tiffany Cahill opens the door to the police, memories flood her mind of the previous year and a relationship gone bad. Frightened, she calls her friend, Steve, for help, but instead a stranger answers the phone. Little does Tiffany know how much this New Zealander is going to impact her life, especially after she is assaulted only a few hours later.

Mat Apanui, the owner of a helicopter tour company in New Zealand, can’t ignore the worry in Tiffany’s voice when he answers Steve’s phone. Before he knows it, he is spending most of his business trip to Melbourne with her. Desperate to keep her safe after an attack, he invites her to stay with him in Queenstown, NZ.

With her safety at risk, how will Tiffany overcome her reservations and trust the sexy stranger enough to fly across the Tasman Sea?


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“This blood-pumping novel will keep the reader hooked until the very end.” InD’tale Magazine

“Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this wonderful book and fall in love.” (5 star review)

Mat is a sexy, tattooed New Zealander with a strong sense of family and duty and Tiffany is a woman with a past that continues to haunt her. Can Mat help her overcome her demons and move on with the next phase of her life? Come for the romance and stay for the breathtaking scenery. (5 star review)

4 starsThe Romance Review – NEW BEGINNINGS is a very emotional read, one that is heartwarming as well as heart wrenching. It gives you hope in the act of human kindness and that good things do happen to good people. I highly recommend this book.

14 thoughts on “#MFRWHooks “The lovely GPS lady took me on a sightseeing tour first.” #Romance #Mustread #reading #NZ”

  1. I’ve had encounters with the “lovely GPS lady.” She once sent me on a rural excursion through New Jersey. I saw wild turkeys.

    1. Thanks Linda. I know you like travelling, too, so I assume you have a story or two to tell as well 🙂

  2. Loved that line–“I thought Jess is more than your girlfriend. I’m talking about Tiffany.” Great hook. Need to find out about this relationship.
    I thought Jess is more than your girlfriend. I’m talking about Tiffany.”

    1. Glad you enjoyed the snippet. And, yes, I agree, GPSs can be a challenge sometimes, but at the same time, they’re improving, too.

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