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Today’s hook

“Thank you, Clara Bellinger. Thank you, whoever you are,” Sophie said aloud.

All such a far cry from what they were used to in Sydney. All they’d been able to afford had been a single room with the bathroom across the hall — which they’d had to share with other tenants. Another thought popped into her mind, and it was like she suddenly comprehended what she was seeing.

“Mr. O’Connor. There’s still some furniture.”


Sophie looked around the doorframe and down the hall. “Mr. O’Connor?”

“I’m in the kitchen.”

Mia appeared from one of the rooms. Sophie took her hand and walked towards the front of the house and into the kitchen. It was equally as beautiful as the rest of the house. It had the same old feeling to it. The cupboards had a pine timber look. The table and chairs near the bay window seemed to be made of the same material. There was a dishwasher and a washing machine. The cooking area had a very old-fashioned stove with pots and pans hanging on hooks from the ceiling. She looked over to the window, which had a wonderful view outside to the front yard. After a long moment of taking in every little bit of the kitchen, she turned and spotted Mark.

The chance to start life all over with the help of a stranger.Twenty-two-year-old

Sophie Levesque has been guardian to her eight-year-old sister Mia since their mother’s death a few years ago, and it hasn’t been easy. Luck comes their way when they inherit a small house in Hobart. Problem is, though, they don’t know and have never heard of Clara Bellinger, the testator. Settling into their new life, Sophie is still afraid it’s all a mistake.

Mark O’Connor, attorney in Hobart and the bearer of the good news for Sophie and Mia, curses himself for the lack of information about the testator. However, researching the questions gives him an opportunity to see Sophie again, and the more time he spends with the two, the more he realises that his life is missing something. And it’s not his casual lover Linda.

But then there’s Zach, Sophie’s sexy neighbour from across the road… and a very good friend of Clara’s.

Will unravelling the mystery unravel Sophie and Mark’s promise of a future?

AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/2a1BSJ7
AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/29FTb4B
AMAZON AU: http://amzn.to/2a9yKgW

5star Review:

I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Blobel’s novels, but I adored New Beginnings. This is a
feel good story centered on love and hope, Sophie’s dedication to her younger sister, Mia, is incredible. The child is the center of her universe and there’s nothing she won’t do for her. Concerned the recent inheritance is all a mistake, Sophie wants to know more about the woman who gave them a home. Helping her is a drop-dead gorgeous attorney and the handsome, hunky neighbor. Sophie’s journey of discovery is a beautiful one, and when she gets her answers, she finds the last thing she ever thought she would–love. Looking forward to the next book in this excellent series.

Wow…what a tangled web we weave! Sophie has got it coming in all directions with the mystery of the testator. These are the type of stories that I love…since it has a bit of everything in it. Not only do we get a bit of a love triangle but add some mystery and thriller to it. Now, that makes a perfect book by Ms. Blobel! But let me remind you that this is nothing new since I find myself always wrapped up in this author’s writing since she writes with emotion and feelings. Whether it be anger, happiness, sadness – you name it…Ms. Blobel gives us the whole package in her stories!

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