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Happy Sunday.
I’ve moved on to another WIP. It’s just an idea at the moment, so bear with me for the first few posts.
Enjoy ♥

Today’s Snippet

He let out a soft chuckle. “I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for a little while.”
She shot him a glare. “Excuse me? You can’t stay here.”
His mouth curved into a smile and it annoyed her that he used his sexy smile as a weapon. “Let’s not focus on that.”
Eyes wide, she countered, “It’s all I can focus on. I have a stranger in my house and would like to go to bed.”
He raked his hand through his tousled hair. “Okay, you have me out of here in ten minutes. You have my word. You will have to promise me, though, to ask the right question.”
Hannah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The words went into her ear but didn’t compute in her head. Did he want to play games? What did he mean with the right question?
“I give up,” she admitted.
The bark of his laugh echoed in her small kitchen. “You haven’t even tried.”
With shoulders sagging, she grunted, “Because I am tired. I have a date with my bed.”
“An empty bed,” he clarified.
A chill ran down her spine. She stood and moved closer to the block of knives. Bigalow stood as well and stepped to the door.
“Not a problem. I’ll come back for the important questions. I will need you to do one thing though.” He gave her a wink. “Please take a photo of me.”
“A photo?”
“You have my word. I will leave.”
By now she was too tired to be confused or surprised so she simply pulled her phone from her back pocket and took a photo.
He gave a subtle bow. “Thank you.” Then he left.
Hannah flicked through the photos and enlarged the last one.
It was an image of the kitchen door, but no Bigalow.

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