#SnippetSunday “I hope it was just a hiccup.” #romancebooks #Sundayblog #amwriting

♥ Happy Sunday ♥
After spending a few weeks in Tasmania and thought the place deserves a story. It’s still very much a WIP, but hopefully it’ll turn into something really good.
Enjoy ♥

A smile spread across his face. “You must be the girl with the dodgy rental.”
Her mouth curved into a smile. Alex had already talked to him. She sauntered towards him, not sure why she was here, because after all Alex had told her it was all okay and secondly, it wasn’t her car. She should just call the rental company and ask for a different one.
On which grounds, though. And would they be able to provide a car. If so, would she have to return to Launceston?
She blew out a breath.
“Good afternoon.” A genuine smile spread across his face as he held out a hand. “I’m Hans Mattys, Alex’s father.
She took his hand. “Nice meeting you, Mr. Mattys.”
His hand shake was gentle and short. “Please, call me Hans.”
Leonie looked back to her car before she turned to look at him again. “I’m not really sure why I’m here—”
“Either way, I’m glad you did stop by.” He nodded towards the rental car. “I take it that’s the dodgy car?”
She drew in her lips slowly becoming uncomfortable with the word dodgy. “I hope it was just a hiccup.”

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10 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “I hope it was just a hiccup.” #romancebooks #Sundayblog #amwriting”

  1. Maybe getting it checked out by a mechanic will give her something to go on to report it to the rental company to get a new one. Unless the rental company is dodgy too.

    1. Like with so many things nowadays 🙂 Agree … good thing she’s stopped. And who knows who she might run into again 😉

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