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Happy Sunday.
I have moved forward a little into Jonathan’s POV. I hope you liked last week’s snippet of Piper’s story, which is another Alinta Bay book.
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Today’s Snippet

Jon stepped into the reception of the caravan park where a middle-aged woman looked up with a smile.

“How can I help you?”

“Hi. Ella from the local hotel just called regarding a booking of a cabin. My name is Jonathan Fuentes.”

She nodded. “Mr Fuentes. Yes. You’re lucky. This is the last cabin available.”

He reached for his credit card. “So I’ve heard. Apparently a big surfing event starting tomorrow.”

A genuine smile spread across her face, which took around five years of her face. Not to mention that it was contagious, because now he had a smile on his lips as well.

“The event only happens every two years, but when it does, it’s quite a buzz in town.” She entered his details into the system and said, “I hope Ella explained that this cabin is privately owned and shares a bathroom. No one is in the other cabin. So you won’t have a problem.”

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