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I return to my story I started a little while ago. Today’s snippet is back in Jesse’s POV.

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“What the hell,” he muttered. He should’ve taken a deep breath and think it through rationally, but he wasn’t able to. There was something she hadn’t told him. Anxious, he locked the house and headed to the car.
About five minutes later, he was on the road to Melbourne. Fortunately, the traffic was close to non-existent. He dialled Harrison’s number.
“Mate, what’s up?”
“I’m heading to Melbourne. Dana’s injured her wrist while walking on the beach. But there’s something else.”
Jesse told his friend about the conversation he’d had with his sister’s carer and Harrison was equally puzzled.
“Have you called the hospital directly?”
“I rushed out of the house too quickly and forgot to ask for the number.”
“Want me to check?”
“That’d be appreciated. And tell Julie and Chloe I won’t be in tomorrow. I will stay the night in Melbourne.”
“No worries, mate. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”
He hung up and concentrated on the road, his mind going into overdrive about all the possible scenarios, but if something really had happened to his sister, he was convinced, Karen would’ve told him. Switching on the radio, he cranked up the music for some distraction. But it was useless. His mind wouldn’t shut up. Checking the time, he was surprised he hadn’t heard from Harrison, yet. Did he find out some more details?
When his phone finally buzzed, he swiped the green button and almost yelled, “About time.”
“Is this Ranger Jesse?”


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