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Today’s snippet is from “I think I Love You”, book 3 of the Australian Sports Stars series.
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When Sarah woke the next morning, she stared into the distance. A smile touched the corner of her lips as pictures of the previous day of the wedding came back into her mind. The pair were so much in love, and Sarah was glad Tyson and Katie had finally walked down the aisle. The two had met at the New South Wales coast and it’d been a rocky road for them to make the relationship work. But in the end their love was stronger, and Katie had become used to the limelight surrounding her football star husband.
And then there were a few of the images, however, from the previous night that caused her to shiver. She cringed as she remembered how she had thrown herself into Markus’ arms. Pulling the duvet over her head, she inhaled a deep breath and then released it slowly, hoping for time to erase that part of the day from history.
What had she been thinking?
After a good long stretch, she moved her head to the left and to the right, noticing that her head still ached even after thirty-six hours and lots of sleep. Her body felt heavy and sluggish, but Sarah willed it to move and get out of bed.
Never again would she touch a glass of red wine.


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14 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “What had she been thinking?” – #romance #bookboast #read #amwriting”

  1. Blaming it on the wine. 🙂 Great snippet. Love the way she is going over what transpired from good to not so good. 🙂

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