#SnippetSunday “What the hell had just happened?” #amwriting #book #mustread

Happy Sunday.
I’ve moved on to another WIP. It’s just an idea at the moment, so bear with me for the first few posts.
Enjoy ♥

Today’s Snippet

“I’ve been here the whole time,” he replied with some feigned offense.
Hannah grabbed her bag and reached for the door handle to get out of the car. “I’ll call the police.” Fear shot through her as she fumbled with her phone, dialling triple zero. Breathing was hard and she stepped away from the car, taking another look at the man in her car to best describe him.
But he was gone.
Hannah rubbed her eyes vigorously, ignoring her makeup, and looked again. Gone. Disconnecting the call, she carefully walked around the car. Nothing. She gazed into the dark distance, but wasn’t able to see anything either. Her body trembled but she got back into the car. She locked the doors, checked the backseats, and took a few deep breaths before driving off.
What the hell had just happened? Another look into the distance, but all she saw was everyone gone and a quiet local street.
A sob escaped her from the adrenaline. She had to get home as quick as possible.

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8 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “What the hell had just happened?” #amwriting #book #mustread”

  1. Oh dear, I hope this won’t be a duplicate comment.
    Seeing a ghost in one’s car would be unsettling. But I think I’d prefer a ghost to an unexpected living person.
    ~cie from Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost~

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