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I’m ba-ack ☺ – Two weeks caravaning through South Australia. So much fun.
Anyway … I return to my story I started a few weeks back. This is Lexie’s POV again.

Enjoy ♥ 


It wasn’t even eight o’clock the next morning, when Zoe already rushed into Lexie’s bedroom waking her.
“Mum. You need to get up so we can go to the shelter. I promised Ranger Jesse I’d be there to help with the breakfast feeding.”
Lexie half opened one eye and studied her daughter. It’d been a long time since the girl was so excited about something. Very excited indeed. And as she closed her eye again, warmth trickled through her as she thought of seeing Jesse again. With a smile on her lips, she said, “Give me half an hour and we can have breakfast at the bakery. Would you like that?”
Jumping on Lexie’s bed, Zoe screamed in delight. “Yes, please. Can I have a doughnut?”
Although it wasn’t Lexie’s choice of a healthy breakfast, her daughter’s excitement was contagious and she agreed with a couple of nods. “Of course you can.”
“Can we get a doughnut for Jesse as well?”
Why on earth did her whole body react at the simple mention of his name? Lexie really needed to get this under control. “Yes we can,” she replied, the smile still on her lips. “But, shoo shoo now. You need to get ready and I’ll need to have a quick shower.”
Without any discussion, Zoe hopped off the bed and stormed into her room at the end of the hall. With amusement, Lexie heard the pitter patter of the little feet returning after only a few seconds.
“Mum. Jesse likes coffee. Can we get him some coffee as well?”
Conscious of her frown, Lexie asked, “How do you know that?”

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