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I’m back with more snippets for you.
I hope I’ll be able to post weekly again …
This is still the story set in Tasmania, Leonie’s attempt to travel around the beautiful Australian state. Today’s snippet is still in Alex’s POV.
Enjoy ♥

Alex looked at his dad who gave him a slight nod. He knew it was supposed to encourage him to jump over his own hesitation and offer his house again.
There was silence, and a moment of hesitation. Alex studied her out of the corner of his eye before he inhaled deeply.
He’d always hoped to have something similar to his parents’ relationship. Their love for each other, their understanding of each other, but also their trust in each other. Alas, it hadn’t been meant to be for him and Patty. Her only interest in him was his next pay cheque. And despite his parents’ reassurances not all women are the same, he still had his doubts.
Leonie hauled him back from his thoughts. “Anyway, I think I’d better get going, so I might get to Bridport after all before sunset.”
Alex met her gaze. Hesitated, but repeated his offer after a little nudge from his dad, “The offer still stands in regard to staying in Binalong Bay. I’ll let Mrs. Hamill, my neighbour who’s looking after the house while I’m away, know and she’ll get it ready for you.”
“I can’t—”
“Yes, you can. It’s safe and free.”
“And Alex is no criminal, either,” his father added with a smile.

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10 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “It’s safe and free.” #romancebooks #Sundayblog #amwriting”

  1. So is he giving her a second chance because his parents insist all women aren’t like Patty? Or because she doesn’t leap at his offer? I want to read more to find out.

    1. With a main female character like Leonie, I’m sure he’ll change his mind regarding women 😉 Thanks Karen.

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