Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 09/10/2016 #romance #love #SnippetSunday



This story is still a WIP, so critique away. It’s set partly in Melbourne, Australia, and in New Zealand.

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His question hauled her back to their conversation. “Are you okay?”
“Of course I am. Please let him know I called,” she snapped, still out of sorts, and hung up, never giving him a chance to reply.
Breathing in and out, she tried to calm herself down and ridding herself of the adrenaline that had shot through her, leaving her shaking all over. She took another deep breath before she walked to the kitchen to rinse her clammy hands and make a cup of tea. The sound of the phone made her jump, and she rushed back to grab it, nearly knocking over the vase with flowers, cursing the police all the way as well as Josh, the bastard who’d left her in hospital bruised and beaten up last year.
“It’s Mat. How about you tell me your name so I can ask Dylan to return your call?”
“How did you get my number?”

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18 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 09/10/2016 #romance #love #SnippetSunday”

  1. I’d be a little uneasy about the call back, but I’m thinking he has the call back option on his phone, too. 🙂 Intrigued to know more.

    1. She knows, but we don’t often think about the obvious reasons when we’re in a stress sitiuation. Hope it sounds reasonable. Thanks for stopping by Veronica.

  2. I see what the other people are saying about callbacks, but at the same time if she’s upset and in a mood to blame him, she might simply not think about it at first.

  3. Her backstory gives her good reason to be a little bit paranoid and guarded, it’s no wonder she wouldn’t think of “star69” (callback). Great tension.

  4. I take it he either has caller ID and can see the phone number or can hit call back. I wonder how much that’s going to rattle her though that he called back like that, except he has a good point.

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