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Happy New Year ♥
I’m continuing with my attempt to write something different.
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Today’s Snippet

“Come on. Take off your shoes and socks.”
Pulling her forehead into a frown, she countered, “I’m not taking my shoes and socks off.”
He stepped in front of her. “Of course you are.”
As he sat he gently pulled her down along with him. “Come on. You’ll enjoy it.”
Rolling her eyes, she watched him as he slid out of his shoes as well as his bright pink socks, which sported lots of differently coloured butterflies. Why wasn’t she surprised? Even though still disapproving of the idea, she slipped out of her sneakers and socks as well and when he held out for her hand, she reached for it. Part of her was curious what he was going to do, the other part annoyed that she was here instead of having done her groceries and now reading a book. A book she liked, not the suggested one from the bookclub. Not necessarily a romance book, but something with a little bit of crime or mystery. She wasn’t big on romance, it reminded her how much she failed in her marriage with Dominik. He was a surgeon at a hospital in Melbourne, where she’d worked in the emergency department. The days they’d both been home at the same time had been rare and mostly spent with Dominik being with his friends going fishing and Hannah staying home catching up on housework. In the end they’d drifted apart, and when Dominik had wanted children, she she hadn’t been ready yet to give up her career. Or so she’d told herself.
Bigalow hauled her back to the present. “Come on Hannah,” he said as he dragged her along towards the creek. She tilted her head to look at him, his smile wide and contagious.
She stopped at the edge of the water. “No way am I going in there.”

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10 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “No way am I going in there.” #amwriting #mustread #Sundayblog #Romance”

  1. He has distracted her so much she’s at water edge before she knows it. Chemistry, pink socks, and butterflies. What a neat story. I definitely want more.

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