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I’m back!
I spent a wonderful birthday weekend at the beach last week, so today we pick up from two weeks ago – Lexie talking to Harrison about Jesse’s sister.

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“Remember, it’s none of my business. I’m still not sure why you’re telling me.”
He choked back a chuckle. “Someone really did a number on you that you’re so weary of others.”
Leaning back in her chair she studied him. “I’m not sure how to take this.”
“He likes you, Lexie.”
Raising one brow, she replied, “We like him, too, but that’s no reason to tell me his private affairs.”
Another one of his chuckle. “He likes you.”
“So you keep saying.”
He stood and came closer. With his hands now on her desk, he studied her. “Lexie. He is very fond of you and would like to get to know you better, but his past is holding him back.”
Heat rushed into her cheeks. “Oh.”
She took a deep breath. “Well, next time you see him, please let him know that I’m a divorced, single mother, and my priorities lie with my daughter.”
Harrison gave a slow nod. “Indeed. And so it should be. Just…” He shrugged.
Leaning closer, she placed her arms on the desk. “So, back to the strained wrist.”
“Dana was teased when they went to the beach yesterday. Mario obviously defended her and was beaten up. Dana ended up with a strained wrist from the fight, Mario is in an induced coma until the pressure on the brain is reduced.”

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