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BUT THE HEART DOES was released in December. I’ll be sharing more snippets from Book #5, which I hope you will enjoy All books in the series are available on KU. Book #1 is only 99c ♥


Today’s Snippet

Though the connection was iffy, with static breaking their words Jonah got the gist of the message.

“I’ve dispatched a team. They should reach you in about fifteen minutes. Will you both be okay?”

“Could you please send Jack?” Maddie asked as she rose back to her feet again. “I’m sure he can get us out of here.”

After a brief pause, the voice responded, “No Jack here, Maddie. Are you certain he’s part of our team?”

Jonah couldn’t contain his laughter at her movie reference again, and Maddie shook her head with some amusement as well.

“Never mind.” Her words carrying a hint of resignation, yet a soft smile lingered on her lips.

“Alright, team, I’m signing off. But I’ll keep you updated as soon as I have any information. Stay calm, don’t panic, and we’ll have you out of there soon.”


In an unexpected encounter, the lives of Jonah, a rescue diver from New Zealand, and Maddie, a spirited local, collide, forever altering their future.

Trapped together in a hotel lift, sparks fly between them, but Jonah’s past looms, casting a shadow over their fragile connection. Maddie, captivated by Jonah’s charisma, is determined to find him when he mysteriously misses their planned dinner. With a friend’s assistance, her search unveils a chilling discovery – Jonah unconscious on a cliff.

Navigating a sea of emotions, in order to find a future together, will Maddie and Jonah manage the challenges posed by their past secrets and present obstacles?

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  1. I’m not sure I could keep my sense of humor in this situation, but who knows? I was a nurse before becoming disabled and I also trained as an EMT, so my gallows humor might come through.

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