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This is Tiffany’s story, who receives a call from the police one morning forcing her to deal with a chapter from her past, which she is unhappy to revisit. When she calls her friend Dylan, it’s Mat from New Zealand she ends up talking to.

This is still a WIP, so critique away. It’s set partly in Melbourne, Australia, and in New Zealand.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


“Your problem can’t be too bad,” Dylan replied with a hint of sarcasm.
Ignoring his comment, she said, “The police was here asking about Josh.”
Silence hung in the air before he replied, “Shit. No wonder I’ve had so many missed calls.”
“Not to mention the amount of time I tried to get hold of you on your landline. So who the hell is this guy and why did he answer your phone?”
“First things first, tell me about the police.”
Tiffany headed into the lounge room and sat down on the couch. “They were here this morning wanting to know about Josh.”
She shrugged, but quickly added, “How the hell would I know.”
Her friend’s sigh told her frustration grew within him, so she told him about the visit earlier in the day in every detail. She looked around the lounge room as she spoke, taking in the brightly painted walls, the small, but rustic fireplace, her sofa and matching armchairs, and the bookshelves, packed with books and photos.
“I’m sorry to bother you with this but I don’t know where else to go. Mum and Dad will worry themselves sick and won’t be any use. And Liam will go berserk when he finds out the police came to the house again. I’m still glad he didn’t get locked up when he pushed the officer last year. And there’s also the fact that Mel’s stress-o-meter is supposed to stay below zero.”
There was silence at the other end of the line and a smile tugged at Tiffany’s mouth, assuming he got her hint about Liam’s wife.
“Run that by me again?” he finally asked.
“Focus, Dylan. Focus. I need your help.” Her smile turned into a grin despite anxiety spreading through her.

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12 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 12/02/2017 #romance #love #SnippetSunday #SundayBlogShare”

  1. It’s an interesting story…I found it a bit hard to follow today, all those people she talked about that I don’t know (Liam’s wife for example so all that went over my head) but I’m sure if I was reading through the entire book, it’d be perfectly clear!

    1. Yes, it must be hard to follow when the snippets are short. Apologies, but hopefully a nice incentive to get the book once it’s on the market 🙂
      Thanks, Veronica!

  2. The last line, about her smile turning into a grin, spoke volumes about her relationship with Dylan. One thing I noticed: ‘The police was here asking about Josh.’ Unless you’re trying to make her sound uneducated, I suggest changing ‘was’ to ‘were’. Good luck with your chemo, Iris.

  3. I’m guessing the reason for low stress is for a pregnancy, but I’m just guessing. Intriguing snippet, Iris. 🙂

    1. LOL – I can’t tell you, Siobhan, it’s a secret 🙂 🙂 But you’re on the right track. Thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated!

    1. She’s asked him to accompany her to the police. All a bit confusing when you only get little snippets each week 🙂

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