#SnippetSunday & Weekend Writing Warriors “But he came up with nothing. Zilch.” #8sunday #indieauthor #tw4rw

I’ll continue today with a snippet from ECHOES OF THE PAST, Book 1 in the Fermosa Bay Series. ENJOY ♥


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Today’s Snippet

Suddenly the humorous expression on her face changed, but he couldn’t figure out what she was thinking. It bugged him that he wasn’t able to remember anything from his childhood here in Australia, but it annoyed him even more to see the disbelief in these two. The next few weeks were going to be a steep learning curve about his past. She stared at him for a long moment. Although he wasn’t coy when it came to women, it made him uncomfortable, and he turned to look out across the ocean again. There was a big container ship on the horizon, moving along at snail’s pace. It was barely visible in the distance, despite being near the coast. Closing his eyes, he compared himself to a ship in the ocean, so close to everyone, yet out of everyone’s reach as he once again wondered what had happened. Or why he was here, at the other end of the world, twenty-four flight hours away, about nine time zones ahead of his family back in England.

His father’s and Emily’s voices were distant as Connor tried his hardest to remember anything about this place. Remember somebody called Ethan or Niall. But he came up with nothing. Zilch.

Not even the mention of a kiss triggered any memories.

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18 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday & Weekend Writing Warriors “But he came up with nothing. Zilch.” #8sunday #indieauthor #tw4rw”

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Teresa. Happy you enjoyed the read this week. I look forward to reading another snippet of yours next week 🙂

  1. The container ship analogy is excellent. It sums up how many people feel about their lives. I’m really wondering why he can’t remember anything. Good way to hook the reader in. Tweeted.

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