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It’s fun to write, yet, challenging at the same time.
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Today’s Snippet

She stared at him, the soaked clothes now cooling her to the point she shivered. “Never mind. You just killed the mood by reminding me—”

“How much fun it was.”

Nodding, she moved away towards the edge of the creek, desperate to find something to help her get dry. At least a little.

“Tell me, Hannah,” he said, following her, his voice still holding happiness. “Where did you learn to build dams like this?”

Shaking her head, she kept walking towards the car, tired of his questions. “Dad used to take us to this creek during summer for a barbeque and he showed me all sorts of things. Including how to build a dam. Or build little boats out of tree bark.”

“Which creek was that?”

She shot around and huffed an exaggerated sigh. “Who cares?”

With eyebrows raised, he replied, “I do.”

The dam they’d built only minutes earlier was still solid and holding back some of the water. A smiled tugged at her lips at all the memories of her family’s weekends away to this creek. Which creek had it been? And why did he need to know?

She met his gaze, a smile still lingering on his face, as she said just above a whisper, “Bigalow Creek. Dad took us to a place called Bigalow Creek.”

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12 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “[She was] tired of his questions.” #freeread #Sundayblog #MFRWAuthor”

  1. I’m with her. Why is he asking so many questions and why is it important to him? If it’s just the “trying to know you” it’s exasperating her more than anything else, lol.

  2. I am getting so drawn into this story… And I wonder what happened to her to make her so… non happy.

    And I may be a little confused. When they talked about “this creek” I thought they were referring to the one they’re at.

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