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Happy Sunday. I’ve moved on from my Tassie story and would like to introduce you to yet another Alinta Bay couple. Jonah and Maddie.
Enjoy ♥

“Thanks. What is your name Ma’am?”
“I’m Maddie. Actually, it’s Mandika, but everyone calls me Maddie. Maddie Torres. And we’re stuck in a lift. In Alinta Bay. That’s in Victoria.”
Jonah cocked a brow, crossed his arms, and despite the situation they were in, a touch of amusement tugged at his lips.
“The two of you and nobody else?”
Jonah was certain the security guy had to hold back on his mirth as well.
Maddie’s forehead creased into a frown and she shot Jonah a glare that took all of his amusement in an instant. Focussing on the panel again, she replied, “Yes, it’s just the two of us. Isn’t that enough.”
“Apologies, Ma’am. It most certainly is.”
She rolled her eyes, but remained silent.
“Could you tell me whether the light is still on?”
She blinked, and he had to admit, he didn’t see the point to the question either. He gave her a shrug, but with a little nod encourage her to answer.
“It’s basically dark, except for a dim light.”
“Thanks,” the electronic voice said. “May I ask if Jonah is an adult?”
Turning towards him, she took him in, very slowly, and yes, it was close to awkward. “Not sure why he wouldn’t be, but yes, he’s a fine specimen of an adult.”

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