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I started this story a few weeks ago and I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I’m not sure where it’s heading, so any comments / critique is more than welcomed. I moved a little forward, back into Lexie’s POV.

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Lexie took her cup of tea and sat on the front porch, enjoying the sunset across the ocean. It’d been an exhausting day. What had started as a simple walk through the forest turned out to be an adventure in many aspects. A smile tugged at her lips as she thought about her daughter at the animal shelter. Lexie had followed the park ranger all the way back into Beauty Bay and once they’d arrived at the shelter, he’d involved Zoe in every little step to get the joey settled. She chuckled at how much her girl had fussed. Her daughter’s eyes had lit up when seeing a couple of small kittens, and Lexie was proud of her how she’d handled them, as well as all the other animals she’d been introduced to.
And then there’d been the park ranger. Jesse. He’d been not only a wealth of knowledge, but he’d also been patient with her daughter, explaining, and showing her so many things. She liked him and despite her best intentions of staying away from men, she was looking forward to seeing him again the next day when she was going to drop Zoe off to help with the feeding.
She shook her head at herself, reminding herself that she’d landed in Beauty Bay because of her broken marriage. Her daughter and her job needed all her attention, not some very attractive park ranger.
What was his surname again?



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14 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “…not some very attractive park ranger” – #romance #read #amwriting #Bookish”

  1. She sounds like a dog who doesn’t want to acknowledge it’s in trouble. “I will not look, I will not look.” Great snippet, Iris.

  2. Oh, I think she’ll find out what his surname is. 🙂 I’m enjoying your snippets on this story.

  3. I’m loving this story! Can’t wait for more and I agree, your heroine will undoubtedly learn the ranger’s last name. I’m pulling for this couple (and the baby joey). Excellent excerpt.

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