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After spending a few weeks in Tasmania and thought the place deserves a story. It’s still very much a WIP, but hopefully it’ll turn into something really good. I moved into Alex’s POV today.
Enjoy ♥

Alex Mattys’ arms instinctively went around her waist. Her scent filled his senses. A sweet floral mixed with citrus smell. He liked it. Why hadn’t he noticed it earlier today?
He raised his brows. “Are you the one who’s running?”
She blew out a breath as she stepped away from him. Her heavy sigh told him if he wasn’t right with his assumption, he was at least close.
Her eyes met his. “Alex.” Tilting her head slightly, she said, “I’m not running, but trying to have a holiday. But it seems fate has different ideas.”
“Give me an hour and your car will be fixed.”
They both twisted around to look at Hans.
“I’ll just clean it up a little and do some checks,” Hans added.
“There you go. Dad saved the day. You’ll be able to drive off and enjoy your holiday.”
Looking into the distance, she bit her lip and remained quiet.
Alex stepped a bit closer. “May I ask whether there’s something else that is not going according to plan?”
The frown on her beautiful face told him he was spot on, but he didn’t know her and didn’t want to push it. Yet, something inside him urged him to. Wanted to know.
He scratched the back of his head as he watched his dad working away under the bonnet of the car when she replied in just above a whisper, “My accommodation for St. Helens was cancelled.”

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