#SnippetSunday – “I’m useless when it comes to socialising.” – #romance #read #mustread #bookteaser

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I’m back!
I spent a wonderful birthday weekend at the beach last week, so today we pick up from two weeks ago – Lexie talking to Harrison about Jesse’s sister.

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“Dana was teased when they went to the beach yesterday. Mario obviously defended her and was beaten up. Dana ended up with a strained wrist from the fight, Mario is in an induced coma until the pressure on the brain is reduced.”
Lost for words, she stared at him.
“Jesse is in Melbourne trying to explain to his sister the ramification of that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he insists on her coming back to live with him until Mario is better.”
“So, he’s going to be okay?”
“His chances are very good.”
“And with all that to worry about he still sends you here, because he is concerned about a promised dinner?”
He nodded. “That’s our Jesse.”
Lexie contemplated the situation for a long beat, unsure how to respond. “Am I supposed to say now How can I help?
His mouth curved into a grin, but he remained silent.
No longer able to stay patient, Lexie stood and stepped around the desk. “I get this is Beauty Bay and things are done differently. I have noticed that already. So you play cupid for your friend because … because … or for God’s sake, Harrison. What do you want me to do with all this information?”
He gave her a wink. “You’re a highly intelligent person, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”
Slouching her shoulders, she slumped on the visitors’ chair and damn if her voice was strangled with effort. “Good grief. Haven’t you heard I screwed up my marriage? I’m useless when it comes to socialising.”

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8 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “I’m useless when it comes to socialising.” – #romance #read #mustread #bookteaser”

    1. LOL … in the rush I just copied and pasted last week’s intro. But, yes, I always have a great time at the beach and I can’t wait to head down there again this week 🙂

  1. Lexie really seems to be at a loss here. She ought to stop worrying so much (easy for me to say LOL) and go with the flow. New home, new attitude! Enjoyed the excerpt of course…

    1. It is easier said than done … and yes, let’s hope she finds this attitude very soon 🙂 Glad you liked today’s snippet.

    1. She made her first step by moving away from her old life, now she needs to step away from old “habits” 😉

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