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Today’s snippet is from “I think I Love You”, book 3 of the Australian Sports Stars series. I moved forward a little to the reception. This is Sarah’s POV.

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An hour and a little snooze in a car later, they arrived in front of her place. Her little house which she was so proud of. At least something that she had achieved in life. Fair enough, Markus had helped her when she’d hit financial problems, but it was a success that nobody in her family had been able to accomplish.
At least if she’d grow old alone, she’d do it owning a house.
A smile lingered on her lips.
Markus got out of the car and opened the passenger door for her.
“Thank you,” she whispered. Then she leaned forward, quickly slipped into her shoes, before she got out and walked to the front door.
The sound of Markus’ steps told her that he was following. Half of her appreciated his thought of making sure she was safe, the other half was too tired to care or think. She rubbed her eyes with the ball of her hand before she turned and met Markus’ eyes.
“Thank you, Marky,” she said softly. “Thanks for taking me home.”
Nodding, he came closer, took the key from her, and unlocked the door. “Have a good snooze, baby. And call me in the morning.”
She bit her lip and took the keys. “I will,” she replied.
Sarah had to close her eyes for a moment. The situation was so unfamiliar to her that she needed a second to refocus. It wasn’t unusual for Markus to give her a lift home and drop her off at the door, but it was unusual for her to have every nerve in her body responding to his nearness. Somehow, his familiar scent affected her tonight, and she had no idea why. She even had to lock her knees to withstand the look in his eyes.
And before she knew it, her mouth was on his.
“What are you doing?” Markus asked against her lips.
With her hands fisted in his shirt, she looked up and met his gaze. “Can’t you pretend for just one night that you like me?”
He chuckled lightly, which she didn’t know how to read.
“Aww, baby. I don’t have to pretend, but I know we’d both regret it.”



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  1. Why do I get the feeling that Markus has been holding a torch for quite some time…. and Sarah’s only starting to get hints of it.

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