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Today’s Snippet

A quick glance at her watch told her that she didn’t have much time for lunch, although food was the last thing on her mind. Her stomach disagreed, though. Piper rushed to the bakery, bought a sandwich and made her way to the Hendrix Law Firm. Despite some of the tension easing, she was still scared to her bones, desperately trying to figure out where her marriage had gone so wrong that Cameron would just disappear, no less with all of their belongings. As she walked along the road, eating her lunch, she remembered the first time she’d met him. A giggle escaped her lips as she recalled her school trip to the mountains and the day she skied right into Cameron. They’d both tumbled down the slope for a few metres until they came to a stop, covered in snow. They’d been all right, except Piper’s ego, that’d received a big dint.

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12 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “…the day she skied right into him.” #romance #Sundayblog #love #freeread”

  1. I’ve lived in Colorado from the time I was 10 years old. (I was born in Denver so I’m technically a native, but my parents were living in Laramie, Wyoming at the time.) I have never been skiing. Trust me, that’s a good thing. I’m about as graceful as a drunk rhinoceros in a glass ornaments shop, and if I’d crashed into someone it wouldn’t have ended romantically.

  2. I’m thinking maybe things haven’t sunk in enough yet for the shock to wear off enough for her to be truly angry at him. (Like her, though, I’m curious to know what made him leave like that.)

    1. We have to start somewhere back in time to figure out where things went wrong … even if it’s the very start 🙂

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