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This is Tiffany’s story, who receives a call from the police one morning forcing her to deal with a chapter from her past, which she is unhappy to revisit. When she calls her friend Dylan, it’s Mat from New Zealand she ends up talking to.

This is still a WIP, so critique away. It’s set partly in Melbourne, Australia, and in New Zealand.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


When she heard a knock at the front door, she flinched and cursed that the unknown situation grated so much on her nerves.

Opening the door for Dylan, she gave him a grateful smile. As usual, he looked stunning with his suntanned face, his light green eyes, and just a shadow of a beard. His Irish red hair was a bit longer nowadays, which was most likely the current fashion, and Tiffany liked it. It gave him a sexier, yet mature look. Their friendship had grown even closer after her trouble with Josh the previous year. He and Liam had been there for her when the police had knocked on her door and taken her to the station. It had been the worst period in her life. Both men had been by her side, though, caring for her and guiding her through the labyrinth of a legal nightmare.

He probably knew how anxious she was.

“Hi Tiff,” he said as he placed a kiss on her cheek. “Sorry, we’ve got to rush a bit. Jessi and I have an appointment in the afternoon.”

“Your girlfriend could show some—”

He held up his hand and a sly grin appeared on his face. “Let’s say we have a situation where I want to keep her stress levels as low as possible.”

She froze and turned to him as a slow smile spread across her face. “Are you telling me there’s going to be a little Dylan junior?”

“I’m telling you we’re having an appointment and that we’ve got to hurry along a bit.”

“How exciting.” Tiffany grabbed her keys, locked the door, and followed him to his car.

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18 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 19/02/2017 #romance #love #SnippetSunday #SundayBlogShare”

  1. Great imagery of Dylan. I could see him so clearly in my mind. Sounds like Dylan and Tiffany have a close friendship.

    1. Just the person you’d like to have in your life when you’re stressed yourself, isn’t it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, PT!

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