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Alinta Bay will have a sister soon: BUT THE HEART DOES. I thought I’ll be sharing snippets from Book #5, which will hopefully be released soon. Until then, please check out the first few books. All are available on KU.
Book #1 is only 99c ♥


Today’s Snippet

Jonah Lewis rushed down the corridor, reaching the lift just in the nick of time before its doors closed behind him. He swiftly pressed the button for the ground floor and stood in a corner. A young woman across from him glanced briefly in his direction before averting her gaze to the closed doors.

“Sorry about that,” he offered as an attempt to break the ice, but he received only a nearly imperceptible nod in response.

His gaze shifted to the floor, studying the peculiar pattern of the carpet, attempting to ignore the awkward silence. He flinched when her sudden sneeze echoed through the little cabin like a clap of thunder.

“Bless you.”

Again, she briefly met his eyes and mumbled a quiet “Thank you.”

Obviously, nothing had changed over the past fifteen years since he had left Alinta Bay. This place held countless memories of where he’d spent most of his childhood until his parents packed up and left to start anew in New Zealand.

Why had he come back?


In an unexpected encounter, the lives of Jonah, a rescue diver from New Zealand, and Maddie, a spirited local, collide, forever altering their future.

Trapped together in a hotel lift, sparks fly between them, but Jonah’s past looms, casting a shadow over their fragile connection. Maddie, captivated by Jonah’s charisma, is determined to find him when he mysteriously misses their planned dinner. With a friend’s assistance, her search unveils a chilling discovery – Jonah unconscious on a cliff.

Navigating a sea of emotions, in order to find a future together, will Maddie and Jonah manage the challenges posed by their past secrets and present obstacles?


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  1. Elevators are the worst places to be in. No one likes being in that close proximity to strangers, yet we do it all the time. After reading the blurb, I understand they’re in for quite a ride. Tweeted.

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