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Harrison came closer and sat on the visitors’ sofa. “Jesse called me to bring you up-to-date with his situation.”
Heat crept up her cheeks. “I don’t need to know. It’s his business.” “Apparently Zoe invited him for dinner and he had to postpone it.”
“She understands. She—”
“Lexie,” he interrupted. “He likes Zoe and he likes you. To him it’s important that you know it’s not a casual no, but there’s a reason.”
“I know. His sister is in hospital in Melbourne.”
He exhaled a long breath. “Dana is about three years younger than Jesse. She was always into sport. Great athlete,” he explained. “About fifteen months ago she had a stroke. Out of the blue. With their parents already dead, Jesse was the only family she had and he didn’t hesitate to take her in. Initially, she was in hospital for a few weeks, but then he took on the full care with the help from a nurse.”
Harrison paused and met her gaze. Unsure how to process the information, she swallowed hard, but remained silent.

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8 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “I don’t need to know.” – #romance #read #mustread #bookteaser”

  1. Quite a development, awkward to have to have a friend explain all this to a woman you’re interested in but I’m glad he is taking that step…this is a great read, I have to say. Enjoyed the snippet.

  2. I’m glad he’s telling her. Sounds like Jesse might have given him permission since he said Jesse wanted him to bring her up to date on the situation. His poor sister.

    I think you need to add a ‘s’. 🙂
    “She was always into sport.”

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