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Happy Sunday
Today’s snippet is again from my new story, which follows Piper and Jon.


Today’s Snippet

Piper stood in search for a tissue box. How she hated to be here. She still couldn’t believe how she’d lost everything because of Darren. And what the hell had he done with all the money anyway? Good Lord, she wanted to punch him, preferably in his handsome face. Not only did he take all her money, no, he also sold the home from under her feet.

She glanced around the small cabin, her new home until she’d have enough money to buy a house. There weren’t enough words to express her gratitude towards Harrison who offered her this place to stay until … well until she was going to find something bigger, or at least better.

Something in the corner caught her attention. She walked over to the door, which Harrison told her lead to the shared bathroom. A little note was lying on the floor. She frowned and picked it up.

My name is Jon, I’m your cabin neighbour. Hope you are okay.

For the first time in days, a smile crossed her lips as she read it.  And she didn’t know why exactly. Possibly because there was another person in this world who cared, persisted enough to write this note. She’d heard the knock but hadn’t felt like talking to anybody. Reading the note again, she reached for the tissues on the shelf next to the door. Suddenly, an idea formed in her head, and she now searched for a piece of paper.

A few minutes later she stood at other side of the hall and slid her own note underneath the door: Thank you Jon. I appreciate your concern. I’m good.

She knocked and returned to her part of the cabin.

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  1. I agree with everybody else about the appeal of passing notes back and forth. If they said the same things in person, much of the cuteness would be lost.

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