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Happy Sunday. Time to move on to another story while I concentrate on the Bigalow story.
As mentioned before, it’s challenging and I want to get it right.
Let me introduce you to Piper, who is part of another Alinta Bay story.
Enjoy ♥

Today’s Snippet

Piper Elliott stared at her bank advisor, not comprehending his words. “What do you mean the account is empty?”

Mr Lee had been patiently explaining and replying to all her questions for the last half an hour, but it didn’t make sense to her. Again, she asked, “What do you mean the account is empty?”

Piper wasn’t sure whether his sigh was out of frustration or pity, but at the moment, she couldn’t care less, because the news that there was no money in her account and the house she’d lived in for the last five years with her husband had now been sold.

Mr Lee sat back into his chair, rested is elbows on the armrest and crossed his hands in front of his chest. “I’m sorry Piper, to say it bluntly, your estranged husband cleared the account, mortgaged the house, and placed it on the market.”

“But … how can he … I don’t understand, doesn’t he need my signature to do all this?”

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