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For today’s snippet I moved a little forward to introduce Addison – the main female character. My apologies that the snippet is a bit longer today, but I wanted to have that last sentence included.

DEFYING RULES is set along the Australian Great Ocean Road and tells the story of Ethan Tomlin, single dad, and manager of a hotel chain.

This is still a WIP, so critique away.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


She had no idea what she had she been thinking at the time she’d started to date him. It’d probably been his charm as well as the attention he’d given her. Addison had felt desired for the first time in her life.
Damn, she’d been so naïve. And stupid.
With a big exhale, she shook her head and whispered, “No.”
“Good. I hope he doesn’t know you’re here. I’ll—”
Ana placed a hand on her husband’s arm and her message to him was clear even unspoken. Leave it be.
A smile tugged at Addy’s lips. “We’re done.” She paused, leaned forward, and rested her arms on the table. “I’ve learnt my lesson and have moved on.” Her throat tightened and tears pooled in her eyes as she gazed across the water, watching the waves crashing over the rocks.
“I suppose he still has his job,” her father grumbled.
“It was my choice.”
“Choice or no choice—”
“Dad,” Addison interrupted him as she met Harry’s gaze. “Look at it this way. I got to move to this beautiful place. Remember Nan always said If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” Her mouth curled in a smile. “It was meant to be.”

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4 starsThe Romance Review – NEW BEGINNINGS is a very emotional read, one that is heartwarming as well as heart wrenching. It gives you hope in the act of human kindness and that good things do happen to good people. I highly recommend this book.

9 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – DEFYING RULES – 21/05/2017 #romance #love #SnippetSunday #amwriting”

  1. I was thinking the same thing, Ed. lol Was about to write that when I saw your comment.
    Great snippet, Iris.

  2. It seems like a good things that she got away. I can totally relate, in a way she loves him and at the same time knows that he is not good for her. I hope he doesn’t come crashing her recovery from him.

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