#SnippetSunday “Still no reply.” #Sundayblogshare #Romance

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Happy Sunday ♥
I hope you’re enjoying my latest WIP which is set near
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.
Enjoy ♥

She knocked again, worry creeping up within her. A thousand thoughts tumbled through her head. What if nobody was here? There was nowhere to go. A mix of frustration and anxiety caused a few tears as she knocked again. This time a bit harder. Still nothing. And not even a sound of creaking floorboards. Lani pulled the phone from her pocket, but there was no service whatsoever.
In her anger she grabbed the door handle with the intend to let out her irritation only to find it was unlocked. Carefully, she opened the house and stepped inside.
Did she really fall for a scam when she booked a room at this place? It had all looked so genuine.
“Hello?” She tried again, this time a bit louder, but still no reply.
Taking a couple of deep breaths trying to steady her heartbeat, she moved along the hall from door to door until she reached the kitchen.
“Hello?” Still no reply. She found the light switch and turned it on. Looking around, there was a lived in feeling, tidy and looked after, but nothing that would give her a clue as to where her host was.  

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10 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “Still no reply.” #Sundayblogshare #Romance”

  1. I’m hoping the owner is just out back. Or in the bathroom. At any rate, I hope the owner is still alive and she’s not about to stumble onto a dead body.

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