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This is still the story set in Tasmania, Leonie’s attempt to travel around the beautiful Australian state. Today’s snippet is still in Alex’s POV.
Enjoy ♥

“Very vivid imagination. Even as a kid. Nicest guy you could meet, though, in real life.”
Leonie stared at him. “Crime books?”
He lifted his shoulder in a slight shrug.
“I’ve been lucky.”
“And very humble,” his dad muttered.
“What’s your name again?”
Alex cocked a brow. “Does it make a difference in regard to your decision?”
She shrugged. “Not really. But, I mean, I’ve never met anybody famous.”
“Again, does it make a difference?”
Pulling her brows into a frown, she countered, “Got anything to hide? Or fame doesn’t sit well with you?”
Moving Hans’ hand off his chest, he asked, “Want to stay at the house or not?”
Leonie looked at his dad and then met his eyes again. “So, let’s get this right. You’re Mr. Nice-guy, but as soon as people find out who you are and what you do for living you turn into…”
“Insecure teenager,” Hans helped her finishing her sentence.

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