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This is the second book in the Fermosa Bay series, which, I’m trying to get onto the market as soon as possible.

DEFYING RULES is set along the Australian Great Ocean Road and tells the story of Ethan Tomlin, single dad, and manager of a hotel chain.

This is still a WIP, so critique away.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


“Yes,” he whispered. “I thought she would. They’d been close, right to the very end.”

Connor was silent.

“She’s with you?” Ethan asked.

“Yes. Niall’s here as well.”

“Give me twenty minutes and I’ll join you as well.”

As soon as he turned off the phone, a little moan from the back told him that Nick was stirring and waking up soon.

“We’re almost home, mate,” he said.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Nick sat up and looked out of the window to figure out where they were.

“We’re heading straight to—” Ethan paused, noticing he was going to say Jack. “Connor. Auntie Emily and Niall are there. Are you hungry?”

The boy shook his head. It worried Ethan, because his son hadn’t eaten anything decent for the whole day. He looked into the rear-view mirror and saw Nick looking up to the ceiling, possibly throwing around all the questions he had regarding Jack’s death again. It’d been something they’d discussed a lot while driving along the roads in New Zealand and hard for Ethan to explain what cancer was and why Jack had cancer in the first place. Or explaining what death was and what happened afterwards. Where would people go? There were moments when Ethan had wished for a second parent to share the task of clarifying the unknown, but he’d got through it. It helped Nick to know that Jack was now with Ethan’s parents. Somewhere, wherever the place was where dead people went after leaving.


“Yes, mate.”

“It’s going to be weird going to Grandpa Jack’s without him being there.”


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4 starsThe Romance Review – NEW BEGINNINGS is a very emotional read, one that is heartwarming as well as heart wrenching. It gives you hope in the act of human kindness and that good things do happen to good people. I highly recommend this book.

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  1. There is a strange emptiness to visit a place where you know the occupant will never return.
    What a poignant snippet. And that last line says it all.

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