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I started this story a few weeks ago and I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I’m not sure where it’s heading, so any comments / critique is more than welcomed. Jesse, the Park Ranger, found a dead kangaroo last week, with a little joey still inside – alive.

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It didn’t take Jesse long to move the roo, before he returned to the car. A smile tugged at his lips when he saw Zoe cuddling the small animal in a very protective way.
“Okay, let’s get you to your car. It’s not far from here.” He moved in his seat and said to Lexie, “I’m sorry to interrupt this moment of bonding, but I’ll need you to buckle up again.”
With a smile she sat back and replied, “Of course.”

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Ten minutes later, he parked in a small car park. “The little blue one yours?”
“Yes, thank you.” The relief in her voice was evident.
Jesse switched off the engine and opened the car door when Zoe asked, “What happens to the joey?”
“I’ll take him to an animal shelter in Beauty Bay.”
“Will I be able to visit him?”
He nodded, looked at Lexie and then back to Zoe, “Of course you can. I’ll give your mum the address and you can come as often as you’d like to.”
“But who’s looking after him here in the car?” she wanted to know in a way only a young child can come up with. Innocence and worry mirrored in her eyes.
His mouth curved. “He’ll be fine over there on the seat, wrapped up in the blankets.”
The girl turned to look at her mother, “Mum. I can’t just leave him on the seat.”
“Honey, he’s in good hands with—”
“Jesse,” he helped.
“After all, Jesse is a Park Ranger and knows how to handle situation.”
“But Mu-um.”
Lexie blew out a long breath, and Jesse wished there was something he could do to help.
“Zoe, we should go. The joey needs to be cared for and the quicker we let the ranger take it to the shelter, the better his chances of survival.”
“Can we follow him?”
Uncomfortable with the situation in front of him, Jesse got out of the car, and opened the door for Lexie before walking around to do the same for Zoe. Despite being a little amused by the conversation that was going on inside the car, he didn’t envy Lexie for her word battle with her daughter.
Carefully, he lifted the joey off the girl’s lap and said, “Ladies, you will need to continue this discussion in your car, because I have to take the fella to the shelter. As in quickly.”


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