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This is still the story set in Tasmania, Leonie’s attempt to travel around the beautiful Australian state. Today’s snippet is in Alex’s POV.
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Had it been a mistake to let Leonie stay in his house?
The rattling of cooking pots downstairs reminded him that it was close to dinner time. Following the smell of a wonderful home cooked meal, he joined his parents in the dining room only a few minutes later.
“Perfect timing, darling.” His mother placed a dinner plate in front of him when his father held up a bottle of red wine.
He gave his dad a quick nod as he picked up the cutlery. “Thanks, Mum. Nothing like a nice roast and vegetables.”
As Hans poured the wine, he asked, “Have you heard from your lovely guest resident?”
Alex coughed, the last piece of carrot stuck in his throat. “What do you mean, resident?” he croaked in between more coughs. “She’s a visitor that’s all.” He blew out a breath as he leaned back into the chair.
“What’s wrong, son?”
With a quick move, he gave a shrug. “Nothing really. I talked to Jenny. Can’t put my finger on it. It’s just a few comments she made.”
His mother took a quick sip of her wine when she waved off his worries. “She’s always been jealous of the women in your life.”
He cocked a brow, unable to reply to her comment.

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10 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “What’s wrong, son?” #Romancebooks #MFRWAuthor #amwriting”

  1. It looks like his parents can see a lot more than he can and he is still trying to keep secret. So funny!

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