#SnippetSunday “First we’ll have some fun.” #amwriting #mustread #Ghosts #Romance

Happy Sunday.
I’ve moved on to another WIP. It’s just an idea at the moment, so bear with me for the first few posts.
Enjoy ♥

Today’s Snippet

 “Turn left over there and follow the small gravel road for about five hundred metres.“

She did and immediately stared at the scenery which was opening up in front of her. Only a few minutes later she parked the car night next to a small creek and got out. It was beautiful. Surrounded by lush green trees, a crystal dear waterway made its way over rocks and pebbles. Birds chirped in the distance, a gentle breeze rustled through the leaves, and the splashing of the water completed the picture of this stunning place. A noise behind the car pulled her out of the reverie and for a moment she watched as Bigalow set up a picnic on small rug. She joined him, amazed by the choices of food in front of her.

“Where did you get all this?”

“I came prepared,” he explained with his now typical grin that made her forget about everything.

She was about to sit and try one of the cheeses, when he said, “Not yet. First we’ll have some fun.”

Eyes wide, she stared at him.

“Come on. Take off your shoes and socks.”

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