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Today’s snippet is from “I think I Love You”, book 3 of the Australian Sports Stars series.
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Quietly, he slipped out of the room and went back into the kitchen. The coffee was cold by now. Markus turned on the kettle again and five minutes later, he sat in Sarah’s lounge room, watching the rest of a movie while sipping his coffee. The movie didn’t have the desired effect to hold his attention, though, and his mind wandered off.
Sarah’s kiss had come completely out of the blue to him. But at the same time it’d affected him deeply as she’d stood in front of him in the flat column ruffle champagne dress. He chuckled as he recalled how often she’d tried to describe the dress to him. She’d looked sensational in it. Simply the look of her had made him yearn for her.
And he’d found out that kissing her had come as natural to him as breathing.
His heart squeezed a little at her misery seeing Timmy with another woman. Not a nice sight at the best of times, it would’ve broken her heart. Markus remembered how she had swooned over Timmy, indicating he was it for her. He’d have loved to put his fist into this guy’s face for hurting her so much. No one messed with his girl.
His girl.


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    1. His girl … came a bit out of the blue … I wonder what he’s going to do about it. Thanks for stopping by, Siobhan.

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