#SnippetSunday “For God’s sake, it’s just a diary.” #Bookish #Romance

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I would like to re-post a story which I started a many years ago. It’s written in first POV, which has been a challenge to say the least. So, some of you may know the story already, but I’d appreciate constructive critique ☺

Enjoy ♥

I couldn’t believe it when I found Grandma’s diary in one of Mum’s boxes amongst books, magazines, records, and even a mirror, a few weeks back. It was a bit like a “wow” moment, and I remember staring at it for a while. A while that could’ve been a few seconds, or a few minutes. Who knows? I carefully touched it and gently traced the outside before I opened it. Wondering what I would find, or read, perhaps discover. Then I rolled my eyes, thinking, for God’s sake, it’s just a diary.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes, of course, you’re right and Sadie wants to respect the “secrets”.

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