#SnippetSunday “Never been big on exercises.” #love #Sundayblog #freeread

Happy Sunday. I’ve moved on from my Tassie story and would like to introduce you to yet another Alinta Bay couple. Jonah and Maddie, who are still stuck in the lift.
Enjoy ♥

Jonah gave her a wink. “Let’s tackle the task together.”
A smile spread across her flushed face. They both stepped to the doors, trying to grip the doors on each side as best as possible.
“Okay,” he said. “One, two, three.”
Both put some effort in pulling the doors apart but to no avail. Placing his hands on his knees, he took a few breaths to steady himself as he watched Maddie slide along the wall into a sitting position.
“You okay?”
She nodded. “Never been big on exercises.”
Letting out a soft laugh, he turned to the panel. “Mate, you’re still there.”
“Wouldn’t dare to leave you.”
“No luck on the doors I’m afraid.”
Again, the connection was iffy with static and only broken words coming through, but Jonah got the gist of it.
“I’ve sent a team over. They should be there in fifteen minutes. Will you two be okay?”
“Could you please send Jack? I’m sure he is able to get us out of here.” Maddie asked as she rose back to her feet.

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