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I return to my story I started a few weeks back. This is Lexie’s POV again.

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“By the way, thanks for these.”
Lexie choked back a chuckle. “I’d like to take credit for it, but it was all Zoe.”
“Doughnuts on a Sunday morning,” Julie said. “You lucky man.” Turning to Lexie, she added, “I’ll be right back.”
There was an awkward silence in the room as soon as Julie had left. Suddenly the four walls seemed so much closer than before.
“Thank you so much for letting her help you,” she said, breaking the quietness. “I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time.”
“My pleasure. Why don’t you come through and we’ll wait for Julie in there.”
Lexie tugged a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m a bit worried, Zoe wants you and the animals all to herself. I’m the baddie at the moment since moving her here from Perth.”
Without any hesitation, he took her hand, and gently pulled her into the other room where she found Zoe giggling and laughing with yet another staff member amongst an amount of small animals. But before she was able to move closer to her daughter, she was suddenly aware of his hand touching hers. Heat and embarrassment shot through her at the thought that he must’ve noticed the eczema on her skin.
“This is Chloe,” he introduced the other woman who was placing the joey in Zoe’s lap.
“Chloe, this is Zoe’s mother, Lexie. Julie is getting some milk so she can feed some of the kittens.” He turned to Lexie and said, “I’ll just grab you some cotton gloves to protect your skin. You don’t want to aggravate it even more.”
She wanted to respond to his comment, but was momentarily speechless by his kindness and care, and then was distracted by her daughter’s effort to feed the small joey.


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