#SnippetSunday “You’re a liar?” #Read #TW4RW #BookAddict

Happy Sunday
I hope you’re still enjoying Piper and Jon’s story. Here’s another little teaser.


Today’s Snippet

A knife stuck in his chest couldn’t have been more painful than her words. He didn’t want to interpret her comment as a bad judgement on her father so he pushed it aside.

“I can’t really say I’ve never lied—”

She stopped so suddenly, the distance between them was so minimal he could’ve moved the tiniest bit to touch her lips with his.

“You’re a liar?” she asked a bit louder and in the silence the words thundered through the small room.

Where the hell … “No,” he emphasised. “I’m not lying now.” He paused and added just above a whisper. “It came out the wrong way. I wanted you to know that I wouldn’t lie about something like this.”

She gave him a small nod and let out a sigh. “Okay. I’m sorry. I’m a bit on edge.”

Was it really the thunderstorm that scared her?

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